Lawn & Window Signs!

It’s that time of year … to put a sign on your lawn or in your window.

Show your support for welcoming more neighbors, expanding housing choices, and improving affordability in all Portland neighborhoods!

Follow this link to fill out your pre-order form. Follow instructions all the way through, and then we will email you a link & instructions to pay for your sign

Sign details:

  • Lawn signs measure 24×16″ and are made from weather-resistant coroplast. Stands included.
  • Window signs measure 18×12″ and are printed on on thick card stock.
  • All signs are two-sided, with “serious” housing inclusivity on one side and “punny” on the other. You will be able to select your sign type(s) when you fill out the pre-order form
  • All signs are union printed at Morel Ink.


Who We Are: Portland for Everyone is a coalition of local organizations, individuals and businesses who think that housing should be abundant, diverse, and affordable for ALL our residents. Read more about the coalition’s goals and statements from member organizations.

Portland for Everyone is also a project of 1000 Friends of Oregon, the statewide land use non-profit that safeguards and strengthens Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning Program. You can read more about 1000 Friends and our statewide work.


What’s the connection?: Goal 10 of Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning Program is Housing. The first sentence of Goal 10 explicitly states that every Oregon jurisdiction must plan to meet the housing needs of all residents by providing “adequate numbers of needed housing units at price ranges and rent levels which are commensurate with with the financial capabilities of Oregon households and allow for flexibility of housing location, type, and density.”

Current zoning rules are a big part of the reason why we’re falling woefully short of meeting Portlander’s housing needs. We believe that changing outdated zoning and land use rules to legalize a wider range of small-scale “Missing Middle” homes, and powerfully incentivizing affordable housing development throughout Portland are important pieces of the solution.

You can always support our work here in Portland and statewide by making a donation. Gifts of $35.00 or more will also secure your annual membership with 1000 Friends of Oregon. 

Thank you for your support, we can’t do it without you.