Here’s how to weigh in today for lifting local bans on missing-middle housing

Here’s who to call. A short voicemail is fine – what matters is that they know someone cared enough to call. Call as many of them as you feel like.

State Sen. Lew Frederick: 503-986-1722
State Rep. Tawna Sanchez: 503-986-1443

Here’s an idea of some things to say (but say whatever you feel, of course):

  • Oregon’s current zoning laws are harming the state every day. Re-legalizing duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes will shift market-rate construction in low-density areas away from luxury McMansions and toward middle housing that’s affordable to the middle class from day one.
  • Legalizing missing-middle makes every dollar of funding for below-market housing go further. That’s why it’s backed by nonprofit developers like Habitat for Humanity, PCRI and Hacienda CDC.

Also, mention your name and address and feel free to briefly tell your own housing story. And be sure to be polite and thank them for their time.

And thank you! If you’d like, spread the word.

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