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Portland for Everyone is a coalition of community organizations, individuals, and local businesses that support those land use policies that will help provide abundant, diverse & affordable housing options in all of Portland’s neighborhoods.  Together, we will urge the Portland City Council and other civic leaders to make inclusive and equitable land use and funding decisions that will:

  • Provide plenty of affordable and diverse housing options in all Portland neighborhoods
  • Prioritize housing for historically and currently under-served populations
  • Prioritize housing for humans over housing for cars
  • Allow more people to live in areas with good access to transportation, parks, and services, and
  • Create and maintain economically diverse neighborhoods.

The organizations and individuals that comprise Portland for Everyone don’t agree on everything.  But, we do all agree on those five over-arching goals for our city. Does your organization agree, too?  Join the coalition!

Some organizations also wanted to share more about how they enter the housing & land use conversation, and what their top priorities are. Please find their statements below:





“Providing opportunities for community and business owners to rise in place is integral to DMA’s mission.  As we see the wave of gentrification move toward our East Portland service area, I-205 to city limits, Powell to Market, DMA seeks to find new resources and policies that will combat the increasing housing threats to some of our City’s most vulnerable community members.”   –   Division Midway Alliance

“ROSE was created by outer southeast Portland residents to revitalize our neighborhoods by building and rehabilitating high quality affordable housing. Since we began 25 years ago housing costs in our city have gotten completely out of control. The evidence is everywhere: homelessness is at record levels, there is a shortage of 40,000 affordable rental units and many Portlanders have given up hope of ever being able to own a home. If we work together, there can be affordable homes and healthy neighborhoods for everyone.”   –   ROSE Community Development

“As a statewide association of nonprofit housing and community development organizations, including 20 organizations working here in Portland, Oregon Opportunity Network (Oregon ON) knows that a stable, affordable home is the key to health and prosperity. Our members are affordable housing developers and service providers working across the continuum from homelessness to homeownership. We have decades of expertise and passionate commitment to housing opportunity. At this moment of crisis, we need the entire community to step up with increased resources, improved policy, political leadership and collective will to increase access to housing that is safe, decent, and affordable to all.”   –   Oregon Opportunity Network

“We love our neighborhood. We want anyone and everyone who wants to live in Cully to have the opportunity to do so…. We value the economic and ethnic diversity of our neighborhood. We are aware that economic forces threaten that diversity by displacing many of us. We acknowledge that people of color face higher barriers to finding housing and employment, and are particularly vulnerable to displacement. Improvements to our parks and transportation infrastructure and the growth and enhancements in our commercial areas, while needed and desirable, are making our neighborhood more attractive to developers, investors and home buyers, driving up prices and exacerbating displacement. It is our vision that improvements in Cully will benefit existing residents and encourage them to remain in the neighborhood as we also welcome and make room for new residents, including people of color, working families, and lower-income people in need of affordable housing.”   –   Excerpt from the Cully Association of Neighbors Inclusive Cully Policy

“At People-Places-Things, we spend a lot of our time outside the city center, where Portland looks very different than the Portland that typically comes to many people’s minds. We see that Inequality, Racial and Ethnic Segregation, and Displacement are linked. We have seen in the last 5 years, that working to create integrated communities that celebrate their cultural diversity means amplifying the voices of those who don’t speak English well in front of policymakers. We already see people of color and low income folks being pushed out of the city center, and that process, if it continues unchecked, will continue to impact East Portland and the region. Although housing policy is only one factor, it’s a critical one that affects us. If we don’t ease the pressure on housing prices, the outcome will be a whiter, wealthier Portland. And that Portland doesn’t include us. We want to see Portland maintain and grow its economic, cultural, and racial diversity. We want to live in a city that recognizes that *our backyard* includes people and places that have been chronically under-served. We want to live in a Portland that has space for us.”    –    People-Places-Things 

Since it opened its doors in 1991, Portland Housing Center has helped over 7,500 families prepare for and successfully achieve first-time home ownership. In the last few years, demand for PHC’s services has grown, while housing stock affordable to first time buyers has diminished. As the gap between wages and home prices in Portland continues to widen, the down payment assistance and financial products offered by PHC will become even more vital to first time homebuyers trying to compete in Portland’s hot real estate housing market. Homebuyer assistance is important for families, allowing them to increase stability, build equity, save money, and put down roots in their communities. Homeownership is especially important for families of color, helping to address the inequality that stems from historic, long term barriers that have kept households from achieving homeownership (unequal access to mortgage credit, redlining, displacement, restrictive covenants, etc.), reduce vulnerability to displacement, and build wealth for communities. Any suite of proposed solutions to create and maintain diverse neighborhoods, reduce displacement and disparities for people of color and low-income people in Portland, needs to include strategies to increase first-time homeownership opportunities in well-connected, amenity-rich neighborhoods.   –   Portland Housing Center

“As an organization that advocates for the use of active transportation we feel that a Portland for Everyone is a city that allows people to make safe transportation choices regardless of their neighborhood. Affordable housing is a key element of creating that environment and we force housing affordability to make our transportation choices for us. Working with Portland for Everyone will ensure that all Portlanders, current and future, will have the ability to make responsible housing and transportation choices that reflect our city’s progressive values.”     Bike Walk Vote

“Proud Ground is a nonprofit land trust that works to provide more hard working families permanently affordable homeownership opportunities. Those who have been shut out of the homeownership market in the past, can have an opportunity to thrive when they are able to secure an affordable home. (For example, reference the “Solving the Affordable Homeownership Gap” study we conducted on the impact of homeownership the families and the community.) However, outdated land use and zoning codes are currently adding cost and time to projects, making many projects impossible. We are missing opportunities every day to leverage subsidy resources to create more desperately needed units of housing because of restrictions on the use of land, lots and current housing stock. The changes proposed by the City of Portland takes steps down the road but given the crisis we face, we must do more. Portland for Everyone is aggressively pushing the public discussion on the importance of regaining some of the best housing design, creating smaller more efficient units and using the land available in Portland (less every day) better. We strongly support these efforts. Let’s join together to support create more housing across the spectrum before it’s too late for Portland to be the city we know and love – for everyone!”   –   Proud Ground

“No matter their income or location, everybody should be able to make travel choices that safely and conveniently get them from their home to their school, job, and other essential destinations. For too many Portlanders, the biggest barrier to achieving this goal is the lack of affordable housing in the neighborhoods where they want to live. The Safe Routes to School Pacific Northwest Network advocates for safe walking and bicycling to and from school, and in daily life, to improve the health and well-being of children and to foster the creation of livable, sustainable communities. A Portland that provides for abundant, diverse, and affordable housing to meet the needs of all family sizes in every neighborhood is essential.”     Safe Routes to School National Partnership

“Studio Petretti stands with Portland for Everyone to support land use decisions that will create abundant, diverse and affordable housing options for all Portlanders. Design is a part of the solution.”   –   Studio Petretti

“The community of Portland is certainly at a crossroads. Just as we have become a leading city of community and sustainability, our challenges have become greater in complexity and scale than ever. From among all of the various challenges that we have already been dealt, now we are in a pervasive crisis of affordable housing such that the very roof over the creative culture we have cultivated is now under threat. Yet, a crossroads isn’t only about negative potential. A crossroads is piazza where possibilities converge. Maybe this crisis is presenting us with a grand opportunity for reinvention! Let’s make it so.”   –   City Repair

“Oregon Walks is working to make walking a safe, convenient, and accessible transportation option for every Oregonian, regardless of which community they live in. It’s imperative that walkable communities have abundant, affordable housing stock that provides options and choices for every Portlander who wishes to live in a walkable communities, whether a student starting off at community college, a family trying to raise kids, or a senior citizen who wishes to maintain her independent living. Prioritizing building and rehabilitating housing in our existing walkable communities provides stronger neighborhoods for all, and Oregon Walks is committed to working with Portland For Everyone to ensure that sustainable, active, and healthy transportation and land use patterns are integrated into P4E’s platform.”   –   Oregon Walks

“Affordable, equitable, sustainable housing is crucial to the long-term success of our community.  Our economic prosperity, as well as our quality of life, depend on it.  Meaningful investments in housing now will help ensure a vibrant, livable Portland for all.”   –   UD+P

“The city of Portland, this unique place with its own, unique culture, now faces a great design challenge. We are mired in an intractable housing crisis that is both local and systemic. We must meet this challenge head-on in order to support the amazing culture that we have built, together. At the same time, however, many related, underlying issues impacting housing are so utterly systemic that we can’t solve these issues without changing the world. How very exciting! As we have designed the context of all of our ongoing challenges, so will all of the solutions emerge from us!”      Communitecture 


Portland for Everyone is housed with 1000 Friends of Oregon, a non-profit advocacy, education, and research organization dedicated to protecting and strengthening Oregon’s land use planning system.

Coalition Staff:
Madeline Kovacs, Coordinator
Michael Andersen, Writer


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