What We Do

Portland for Everyone has two main goals: First, we advocate for those housing, land use, and funding decisions that will deliver more and more affordable housing options to Portlanders. Second, we help ensure that ALL Portlanders are aware of decisions being made that could impact their ability to live here, now and into the future.


To that end, we plan and/or attend community and neighborhood presentations and community discussions, participate in housing events around the city, publish a reported blog series, and post on social media. We also, of course, deliver testimony to Portland City Council and other decision-making bodies, and many coalition members also submit their own, independent testimony on their area(s) of expertise.

Currently, the City of Portland is updating it’s Comprehensive Plan. As a result, the City has been engaged in many planning projects over the past year and a half, including the Central City plan, Inclusionary Housing, and more. Two key projects are still under consideration likely through June 2018:

The Residential Infill Project  (zoning reforms for neighborhoods), and
Better Housing by Design (reforms for multi-dwelling/ apartment zones).

Our outreach, education & engagement through June 2018 will focus largely on these two projects. (Here is our Take Action page, with links & resources to weigh in now!)

Here is the formal testimony & letters of support that Portland for Everyone has submitted to date in support of housing solutions:

State Building Codes
Letter in support of state building code changes to better allow & incentivize adaptive reuse of older homes.

Residential Infill (2016 Concept Report)
Letter in support of code changes to re-legalize space efficient housing types, and prioritize affordability, accessibility, and tree preservation.
My Portland Housing Story – postcards collected from the community and delivered to Council.

Better Housing By Design (2017 Concept Report)
Letter in support of code changes to add enough homes in transit-accessible places, at price-points that more Portlanders can afford, and giving additional flexibility and incentives for non-profit and affordable housing projects.

Inclusionary Housing
Letter in support of a strong inclusionary housing policy, requiring developments with over 20 units to provide some at below-market rates. 

Central City 2035



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