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Weigh in on Portland neighborhood zoning reforms! 

Staff recently released the Discussion Draft of the proposed rule changes for Portland’s residential neighborhoods.

We summarized the proposal here on our blog.

And, here is our coalition response letter

Many coalition members will also submit their own additional comments focused on their area(s) of expertise. But, we are all focused on making sure that Portland strengthens the proposal.

We think the project proposal would be much stronger if it would: 

  • Allow the “housing opportunity” provisions in all areas of the city to improve equity outcomes and encourage the creation of additional walking scale neighborhoods.
  • Make the affordable housing incentives workable to increase the likelihood that they will be utilized.
  • Allow internal conversion of existing houses into multiple units in all areas, and provide additional incentives for housing preservation.
  • Create a true cottage cluster code that will encourage the development of smaller, more affordable homes. 
  • Rezone all historically narrow lots from R5 to R2.5, with design improvements, to share land costs and provide housing options that more families can afford.
  • Support a healthy urban tree canopy by designing flexible code provisions that incentivize saving trees and creating less impervious surface.

Weigh in and help make sure that we’re adding enough homes, and adding homes at price-points that more Portlanders can afford. 

The comment period on the city’s Discussion Draft has been extended to 5:00pm on Thursday, November 30To comment, you can:

  • Fill out the city’s online comment form (and then help spread the word!)
  • Email comments to, or
  • Print & fill out a comment form, or write your own letter, and mail to:  Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Attn: Residential Infill Project  |  1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 7100  |  Portland OR 97201

The Bureau of Planning & Sustainability is also hosting six open drop-in hours, and visiting neighborhood coalition land use/transportation meetings. Attend & give staff your feedback on the discussion draft in person – it goes a long way.


Are you ready to testify when the Residential Infill Project goes to the Planning Commission, or to Portland City Council? Do you want help preparing testimony? Click here to choose the ways you want to be involved.

And, check out our events page, attend a housing event coming up near you!



March 2017

Right now, the best way that you can join the fight for abundant, diverse, & affordable housing options in Portland is to help make sure that we are ready to turn out strong for smart land-use rule changes that will be considered this fall-winter. Here’s your spring-summer 2017 checklist:

For Organizations:
1. Is your organization part of the Portland for Everyone coalition yet? If not, join us here!
2. It isn’t “renter’s rights or supply” – WE NEED BOTH. Sign on to reject false choices, and demand a full suite of housing solutions.

For People: 
1. Are you all signed up to testify at Portland City Council, host a house party, and/or get our e-updates? Click here to choose the ways you want to be involved.
2. Make sure you and your family, neighbors, and friends have shared your Portland Housing Story via this website. We will also be making sure that these stories reach City Council, and you can also check the box if you might want to testify yourself.
3. Check our events page, attend an event coming up near you!
4. Scope our “For Advocates” resources page, and find some inspiration you can use to pen your own article or op-ed in a local publication, or fact-check a friend online.
5. Take a friend on a self-guided “Missing Middle” walking tour through historic Ladd’s Addition and along Madison just north of Hawthorne. You will be amazed at all the small & discreet housing types tucked into some of Portland’s most desirable neighborhoods!




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