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Community Discussion Resources
Presentation Slides – Residential Infill Project – PDF
About the Residential Infill Project – One Sheet Summary
About Portland for Everyone Handout

Stories & Inspiration:
“Affordable-housing alliance to city: Legalize ‘missing middle’ in bikeable neighborhoods”
Alan Durning Build Small Live Large keynote video (starts at 9:50)
Sara Maxana YIMBY 2016 keynote video

Op-Eds & Letters to the Editor
“My View: Infill plan could help make homes more affordable, more suitable” by David Rosenfeld and Madeline Kovacs
“Middle housing could provide new generation with alternative to ‘McMansions'” by Chris Dearth (p.2)
“My View: Gentle infill will help ease our housing crisis” by Ruth Adkins & Sheila Fink
“Residential Infill Project is good – and could be better” by Madeline Kovacs
“Preserving trees AND healthy, affordable neighborhoods” by Jim Labbe

Affordability Mapping Tools:
Portland’s Home Ownership Affordability – maps from PHC & EcoNW
Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Making Connections:
“Pro-Housing Urban Millennials Say ‘Yes In My Backyard'” in Sierra Magazine

2016 Residential Infill Project: Testimony Sampling
Portland for Everyone’s letter
AARP Oregon’s letter
Richmond NA’s letter
Sunnyside NA’s Letter
Portlanders for Parking Reform’s letter
Living Cully’s letter
PCRI’s letter
Oregon Opportunity Network’s letter
Oregon DEQ’s letter
Earth Advantage’s letter